Planning & Zoning

The primary purpose of the Planning & Zoning Department is to administer and enforce the Town of Taylor Zoning Regulations (Title 18 of the Town Code) and long-range planning. The Department guides public and private development through comprehensive planning, development policies and review standards in order to create and maintain a balanced community.

The Planning & Zoning Department, also known as P&Z, is responsible for the implementation of the Taylor General Plan and processing amendments to the document. The General Plan describes how Taylor desires to direct and manage issues in areas such as Land Use, Circulation (Traffic), Open Space, Economic Development, Housing, Water Resources, Environmental Planning, and Growth Areas. The Mayor and City Council adopt the Town’s General Development Plan and any subsequent amendments to it. Zoning Ordinances provide more detailed procedures and regulations which support the greater goals of the plan. As with the General Plan, Zoning Ordinances must be reviewed by the Zoning Commission and approved by the Town Council.

The P&Z department is responsible for reviewing individual subdivision plats, commercial and residential site plans, rezoning applications and use permits. Planners approve proposals which meet the criteria as described in the General Plan and the Zoning Regulations. Planners review items such as fencing, grading and drainage, flood plain, building setbacks, available parking, signage and street lighting. The Planning Director may approve some residential plans and smaller development projects as defined in the Town Code but, other development projects are sent to the Planning and Zoning Commission for their recommendations. If the Commission approves the development, plat, plan or application, it is sent to Mayor and Council for adoption. Only after adoption by Mayor and Council, can groundbreaking occur.

Planning and Zoning works closely with the Town Engineer and the Building Department as well as other city agencies such as Public Works and the Fire Department. This interaction ensures that any approvals given by the Planning Department do not conflict with the operational duties of other Town departments. Interdepartmental communication also ensures that building, fire and other life safety codes are followed and that decisions made reflect the wishes of the Town of Taylor’s residents, providing them with a community in which they want to live, work and play.

Zoning Map

Zone Summary

Zone Change Procedures

Variance Procedures

Conditional Use Permit Procedures

Site Plan Review Procedures

Application Form for P & Z Related Procedures

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Peddlers License Application

Open Range Laws

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Planning & Zoning Meetings are scheduled for 7 P.M. the 1st Tuesday of each month unless posted otherwise. Location is Town Hall at 425 Papermill Rd.

2015 Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings
August 18thRegular MeetingAgenda
July 7thRegular MeetingAgenda
June 2ndRegular MeetingCanceled
May 5thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 7thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 3rdRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 6thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes

2014 Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings
December 2ndRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 4thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 7thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 9thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 3rdRegular MeetingAgenda
May 15thRegular MeetingAgenda
April 9thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 4thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 18thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes

2013 Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings
October 15thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 1stRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 3rdRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 6thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 11thWork SessionAgendaMinutes
July 2ndRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 4thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 12thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 12thRegular MeetingAgendaMinutes

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